night beauty vagina tighten rod, women contraction stick,koro rods with obvious effects

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Vagina Tightening
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night beauty koro stick
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Female muscle magical herbs to be received
By the Indonesian court handed down from the ancient recipe, using the Indonesian island of Madura jungle mountains in the specialty of natural grass plant, made by scientific refining new topical tightening clergyman. Ph value was slightly acidic, non-toxic, no stimulation, no side effects, no rejection. Users simply insert the vagina, we can achieve the effect of tightening the vagina. The product is landed in Japan, after the Japanese clinical experts experiments show that turned into a woman's vagina after use per square centimeter 260 milligrams, three times as much as the muscles tightened. For such a magical power, Japanese doctors also greatly surprised, because the muscles around the vagina is not free, so it can make vaginal muscles tighten amazed, called the clergyman.

Instructions for use and precautions
1, restore vaginal muscle activity, strengthen vaginal elasticity, tighten the vagina, improve sex drive.
2, to prevent bacterial infection, odor removal, remove dirt and vaginal and uterine toxins; prevention and treatment of vaginal caused by unclean were kind of gynecological diseases.
3, supplemented cell moisture, enhance cell regeneration, so as to achieve vaginal tightening narrows recovery girl Jinzhai state;
4, postpartum uterine contractions, promote metabolism, elimination of lochia, endocrine regulation, pigmentation;
5, the promotion of female hormone secretion, plump breasts, making secondary sexual characteristics become more pronounced.

Talcum powder, pearl powder, white sail powder, borneol, Indonesia Madura mountain roots and other natural herbs

How to use:
1 When the vagina clean, it will "shrink Yin stick" 3/5 wet and slowly inserted into the vagina and gently rotating massage for 30 seconds, remove and re-wet, and then insert gently turn the massage, and so forth 1-2 times.
(2) time using massage time, do not too long, to prevent too tight, sexual intercourse difficult.
3 If lint tilting account, or discharge, can wash with warm water, sexual intercourse again, if wet, tight, use a lubricant assisted.
4 Bad secretions excluded: Every 2 days 1 second consecutive 3-7 times.
5. Usual care: Depending on individual needs, can be 3-4 days 1.
6 After use, rinse with water, shrink Yin stick itself has a strong bactericidal function, and air dry collection.

A pregnant women and menstrual period should stop using it.
Two unmarried girls and those without the use of vaginal relaxation (20 years old).
3 vagina, uterus, if any inflammation, ulceration have tingling, burning sensation, can wash with warm water, then use.

1, the reduction Yam long stick used once appropriate?
A: If you want to quickly achieve intercourse vaginal contraction effect suggest room for half an hour prior to use, clean and vaginal secretions exclude bad day 1 every 2 consecutive 3-7 times, if only as a health-care use can be used once 3-5 days.

2, the general box of the shrink Yin stick can be used how long?
A: With the tightening rod is slowly increasing the frequency of use smaller thinner, use the correct set can be used to protect a good six months to a year or so (about 60 times or so)

3, with a stick after the reduction Yam, inside the vagina there is a cotton-like stuff in correctly?
A: It is normal, you can continue to use, this product has the effect not only tighten the vagina can die of old age adsorption epithelial tissue, inflammation or erosion of tissue the body and so on. After each use, if any cotton-like, can be washed with warm water before sexual intercourse.

4, the female menstrual period can use it?
A: The menstrual period prohibiting the use of tightening rods used during menstruation is likely to result in damage to the vagina.

5: had a baby, the vagina can return to its previous size?
A: The vagina is a very flexible organ, it can dilate the muscles enough to accommodate a newborn pass, but after production, uterine prolapse vaginal relaxation, elastic variation, increased vaginal discharge, simply use the shrink Yin stick, will gradually Reply to shrink, so that the other half can not tell the difference between before and after childbirth, was also surprised himself.

6: Vaginal intercourse too frequently because of the expansion of it?
A: vaginal intercourse too often impossible due to enlarged, but the lack of flexibility will be like a rubber band, like the vagina widens relaxation, contractility deteriorated, use the shrink Yin stick can restore vaginal elasticity and vitality, to cleanse, firming effect, relive the feeling of a virgin.

7: vaginal sex with air ran into a bit of a move on the issue of embarrassing sound, ability to use the shrink Yin stick cure?
A: This is because the vaginal wall relaxation, relaxation of the pelvic tissues, causing vaginal wall closure is not tight, so that the air entering the building together with intercourse, vaginal opening at the outer third of the vagina with the penis of the gas will tics and beep, Chinese medicine called "Yin blowing", according to treatment using the shrink Yin Yin blowing rod can be completely cured and no longer embarrassed.

8: The shrink Yin stick requires much time will be effective?
A: The detoxification effect: 5 minutes against Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, Candida albicans killing effect of 99.9%, the effective prevention of vaginal diseases. Women with gynecological inflammation, use 10 hours after vaginal discharge rubbish like garbage. prefix = o

9: I have vaginitis, cervical erosion can do the shrink Yin stick?
A: The shrink Yin stick contained unique bactericidal anti-inflammatory ingredients, vaginitis, cervical erosion have a good effect of adjuvant therapy, of course, can be used.

10: There are no side effects when used? Use will not rebound?
A: This product uses 27 kinds of natural plants, the introduction of advanced technology, international advanced nano-extraction technology to extract the essence from the gel formulations; refined scientific formula topical clergyman new generation of women. Within one minute in the vagina to cover the entire vaginal wall and cervix, inflammation of the tissue in the film detoxification, increase vaginal contraction, restoration of vaginal lining, making Yinrun Ze smooth; restore elasticity and softness; increased secretion, improve sexual function, elimination of sexual dysfunction and frigidity, and there disinfection, anti-inflammatory, bactericidal effect, without any side effects. Use the "shrink Yin stick" can significantly improve the result of post-partum or other causes vaginal relaxation, restoring girls state to improve the quality of life, eliminate undesirable discharge, odor, prevention of sexually transmitted diseases. This product has to carry and easy to use, quick does not rebound, without any dependence characteristics.

11: abortion and childbirth can be used long after the shrink Yin stick?
A: abortions done after endometrial be wound surface, then the administration may cause pain in the wound surface, so in thirty days after the use of more convenient, but, after the use of embryonic tissue residues will be excreted, 42 days after childbirth before use.

12: dull complexion, lips Ministry and the Ministry now has melasma, backache leg pain menstrual breast swelling, breast tenderness, you can use the shrink Yin stick it?
Answer: You can use you this performance is due to gynecological diseases caused by, the Chinese say, "pain is unreasonable, General does not hurt," and only line of gas Huoxuetongluo to make your symptoms, there is a fundamental improvement in the skin, usually with a box that is a significant improvement.

13: The shrink reduction Yam Yam Kung performance bar for how long?
A: Use the time according to individual differences generally about 1-3 days to maintain the austerity, the use of two months allows you to get a fresh, Jinzhai, there will be flexibility in the vagina, this result is long-term.

14: The shrink Yin stick on gynecological inflammation effectively do?
A: The shrink Yin stick contains Cnidium other natural antibacterial ingredients, nanometric molecular super penetration vaginal mucosa, deep inside the vagina clean and remove accumulated in inflammatory genital secretions and toxins (usually about 24 hours after the discharge of toxins, slightly different according to individual differences), the treatment of vaginitis, cervicitis, cervical erosion, abnormal vaginal discharge, pelvic inflammatory disease, endometritis gynecological inflammation.

15: Use the shrink Yin stick after discharge from the vagina some similar rubbish like discharge / or black when the next menstrual blood clots, how is this going?
A: This is a normal phenomenon, gynecological inflammation or had abortions, vaginal folds, the vaginal vault, cervix and uterine cavity, pelvic, would harboring germs, toxins, ranked impure blood, exfoliate dead skin cells. The shrink Yin stick natural antibacterial ingredients, the ability to kill bacteria and inflammatory secretions excreted in the vagina or black rubbish-like formation of blood clots and other foreign matter.

16: Why use this reduction Yam rods have itchy feeling?
Answer: because your genitals itch bacteria, toxins or metabolic blood can not afford, dead skin residues, the reduction Yam rod has a clear effect of killing bacteria, due to toxins at the same time, will stimulate the genitals, so there itch The phenomenon, then thoroughly rinse the genitals.

17: Use of this reduction Yam rods, feel some pain and burning genitals feel normal?
A: If you have vaginitis, cervical erosion, then place inside the vagina there is damage, after using a slight burning sensation of pain is a normal phenomenon, if you feel strong, you can be suspended, two to three days later, this phenomenon will go away.

18:50 or after the age of menopause, women Can I use the shrink Yin stick?
A: Yes, because middle-aged women after menopause, vaginal dryness and often in a closed state, the cells can not be very decrepit shed as menstrual blood is excreted, the shrink Yin stick can completely discharge of these toxic substances, thus avoiding a variety of gynecological diseases, especially for middle-aged women prone to cervical cancer.

19: The shrink Yin stick effect how?
A: The shrink Yin stick in the market before, after a lot of strict medical clinical trials confirm the reduction Yam, detoxification, prevent dryness and aging effects exactly true. The more severe cases of vaginal relaxation, reduction Yam better; more vaginal inflammation, cervical inflammation in patients with severe, inflammatory exudates discharged more.

20: will rebound?
A: The shrink Yin stick effect is "therapeutic + consolidate the" one, both temporary and permanent cure. Period of time after use, reduction Yam effect lasting, will not rebound.

21: Use the shrink Yin stick safe? Without side effects and allergies?
A: The shrink Yin stick is composed of 27 kinds of pure herbs, pure plant essence extracted preparations, without any medicine, antibiotics, hormones and other added ingredients. Clinical done prior to listing, no case of side effects, no allergies, is absolutely safe. National Center for Disease Control and documented its quality testing, quality assurance to ensure that the patient ease of use.

22: Can you cure gynecological inflammation?
A: Yes, vaginitis, cervicitis, cervical erosion, pelvic inflammatory disease, annex etc gynecological inflammation, has a good therapeutic effect. Its nanoscale particles penetrate deep into the vagina and cervix for laminating detoxification, drug ingredients can vagina bacteria, residual waste, menstrual blood is not clean row, catabolism excreted, according to treatment, resulting in the elimination of inflammation pathogens, the long-term maintenance of the vaginal pH balance, so that inflammation is difficult to rebound and relapse.

23:40-year-old suited you?
A: The shrink Yin stick for 18-60 year-old women have sex. Women entered middle age, physiological decline significantly, 95% will appear relaxation, vaginal dryness and other aging phenomena, use the shrink Yin stick to tighten the vagina, to prevent vaginal dryness and aging, while gynecological inflammation also have a good

therapeutic effect.